Learn about the family collectives and partner organizations working against disappearances in Mexico, and support the search for truth and justice

How can I find and support family collectives searching for disappeared loved ones in the different states and regions of Mexico?


The Movement for Our Disappeared in Mexico (MNDM), which brings together over 70 families’ collectives in Mexico and Central America, offers a directory of national, state, and Central American collectives of families of the disappeared, searchable by location. The social media accounts and websites of each collective provide information on their activities and ways to support them.

What immediate opportunities exist to support families searching for the disappeared – especially if I do not speak Spanish?


As WOLA launches this website in August 2021, a network of family collectives in Mexico are preparing National Search Brigades in Morelos and Michoacán. Here are two ways to donate online to support the Brigades, available in English:

  • Option 1: Gofundme campaign: “2021 National Search Brigade in Mexico”
  • Option 2: Until We Find Them Watch-at-home Mini Doc Film Festival/Hasta Encontrarles Mini Festival de Cine Documental en Casa